from the ancient ocean comes pure beauty health

about Omojo

about omojo

Omojo" is a global leader for marine bio-nutraceutical product development, with U.S. headquarters in Burlington, WA. Our name, Omojo, derives from the magic of ocean biodiversity whose mysteries and resources hold infinite promise for promoting human health and well-being.

about Omojo

As a company we are intensely passionate about quality. From direct sourcing and extraction of essential raw materials using patented "cold extraction" methods which optimize efficacy, to running our own nutraceutical operations, we control quality from end to end, ensuring 100% traceability - and 100% accountability.

Omojo's promise is to bring men and women a wide range of products that promote pure beauty health. We want to inspire our customers to care for their skin - by caring for themselves overall.

Omojo's Global Strategy is to continue to dominate and expand the Marine Bio Dietary and Marine Bio Beauty Supplements sector, continuing to bring to the Consumer Product Goods (CPG) market, effective excipient free products self sourced raw materials where possible, using only the highest quality marine Bio raw materials.

» We believe in accountability.
100% traceable raw ingredients. total manufacturing control. commitment to third party certification.

» We believe in nature's complexity
nature has provided us with many complexities. when quality and origins are pure, the gifts at each step are multiplied.

» We believe in sustainability
taking the long view. not compromising today for tomorrow. knowing that good environmental and social practices = good business.

» We believe that health is beauty and beauty, health
beauty is not something you simply apply. it comes from within. it‘s a glow that starts at the cellular level and radiates up to the skin.

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