omojo's solution to pure beauty health

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our solution is a two-step system designed to hydrate skin, both internally and at the surface.

elements include a combination of capsules and serum, derived from pure marine sources for maintaining healthy, beautiful skin.

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Bone Density Health + Osteoporosis

Calcium Supplement Formula

"As we age calcium deficiency and osteoporosis, becomes a real problem. Marine sourced ossein amino acids and calcium are important to resolving this problem." *

Dr. Michael Cobble, M.D.


Wellness Seaweed Formula

"Omojo's extraction process for Collagen is unique. Cold extracted through proprietary techniques it combines with the proven benefits of Seaweed and Shark Cartilage to control inflammation and support healing and healthy skin." *

Dr. Michael Cobble, M.D.

Blood Sugar Support

Diabetic Support Seaweed Formula

"Omojo Marine-bio amino acids and fiber supports glucose metabolism." *

Dr. Michael Cobble, M.D.

Hyperlipemia + Circulatory System Health

Fat reduction Seaweed Formula

"Hyperlipemia is a major health problem requiring careful attention. Marine-bio responses are excellent to support the resolution of this problem." *

Dr. Michael Cobble, M.D.

Children Growth Support

Growth Supplement for Children Formula

"OMOJO marine based, amino acids, Collagen and enzymes are excellent building blocks for your child's health." *

Dr. Michael Cobble, M.D.

Eye Health

Lutein Vitamins Formula

"Eyesight is precious and deserving of special supplement care. The best Marine-bio components provide essential support to vision and eye health." *

Dr. Michael Cobble, M.D.

Skin & Joint Health

Marine Collagen Peptide Formula

"Pure nano-processed Collagen peptide provides such a fundamental building block to wellness that I recommend it in numerous cases, wherever joint suffering, skin care, muscle tone and general wellness are in need of support." *

Dr. Michael Cobble, M.D.

Heart Health

Omega 3, 6, 9 Shark Oil Formula

"Shark Liver Oil made by Omojo is an excellent source of omegas essential to increased performance of healthy arteries and instrumental in supporting cardiovascular health." *

Dr. Michael Cobble, M.D.

Muscle Function Health + Fight Lactic Acid Build-Up

Sea Cucumber

"Omojo's unique bio-enzyme cold extraction methods preserves the essential benefits of Sea Cucumber. Rare amino acids have unique benefits for the body that include reduction of lactic acid build-up following exercise. It supports wellness." *

Dr. Michael Cobble, M.D.

Liver Health + Flush Toxins

Seaweed Detox Formula

"Detox is key to better body functions. A clean liver and detox treatment improves bodily functions including weight loss. Vitality from healthy bodily functions is important for general wellbeing." *

Dr. Michael Cobble, M.D.

Disease Resistance + Protein Boost

Shark Protein Powder Formula

"Shark Cartilage is rich in proteins and health giving compounds that work to support resistance to disease." *

Dr. Michael Cobble, M.D.

Weight Management

Seaweed Slimming Formula

"Seaweed and collagen from Tilapia extracts, work together to increase the metabolism supporting the burn of excess weight while maintaining important nutrients which strengthen body functions and wellness." *

Dr. Michael Cobble, M.D.